Step confidently into your role as your family's healer with the support of phenomenal homeopaths, powerhouse moms, and soul-sister friends who all unite becoming empowered Momeopaths®

Empowering mothers to fulfill their healing potential, find answers, purpose, clarity, and an unshakable sense of identity

 Here's What's Included For The First 8 Weeks 

"The Mother's Guide" to Homeopathy -8 week course
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"Heart & Mind Reset" Live Online Workshop once a month 
"Flourish and Heal" Live Online Workshop twice a month
"Rebel Momeopath® Live Panel" Once a Quarter
"Healing Huddle" Live As needed 
"Get Healed Now" PDF's for Binder Once a Month
  Surprises bonus content, expert guests,  and gifts

Here's What's Included After The First 8 Weeks

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